Black Friday


2011. 05. 17.

The FBI has charged three online poker rooms with fraud, money laundering and the organisation of illegal gambling. Their Internet domains have been seized, and now an FBI notice is warning users on the sites. The entire written accusation is available here.

The main source of the prosecution is the Australian Daniel Tzvetkoff, who, as an employee of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, has embezzled millions from them. As the rooms in question had not managed to get back their money by way of law, they gave Tzvetkoff away to the American authorities, who, however, has come to an agreement with them and informed them, among others, about payment processing schemes used by these sites.

PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker have not received Americans since then; however, in their statement, they have intended to reassure non-American players that their services are still available for them; so both paying in and withdrawing money are possible. Despite the statement, the news generated huge panic; in the first hours, plenty of players tried to rescue their bankrolls even outside America. The turnover has remarkably fallen back in all rooms, but the services seem to go on undisturbed.

The representatives of the rooms and several noted players have expressed their disappointment and astonishment, and made it clear that they would continue to stand up for legal online poker.


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