New Poker Rooms in the Selection of PokerSavvy


2011. 05. 11.

As following Black Friday, PokerSavvy had to take PokerStars off (probably only temporarily) from its selection, it is offering new rooms for bankroll builders now. Besides HandaBet, which has become a PokerSavvy partner earlier, now HeyPoker, Virgin Poker, Riva Poker and Poker770 is joining the selection.

PokerSavvy – HandaBet

HandaBet belongs to Entraction Network and offers a 500% First Deposit Bonus up to €1000; furthermore, a 30% rakeback is also obtainable. After achieving 350 HB points, players are entitled to 700 Savvy points; that is $70. (Bonus code: savvyhanda)

PokerSavvy – HeyPoker

HeyPoker is one of the less known rooms of OnGame Network; they offer a 100% bonus up to $500. By obtaining 500 HeyPoker points, we will be awarded with 1000 points, worth $100. (Bonus code: HEYSAVVY)

PokerSavvy – Virgin Poker

Virgin Poker from IPN Network has already been added to the list of Savvy once; now, they are back again; moreover, with a slightly better offer. By obtaining 175 V* points, we can take hold of 800 Savvy points, worth $80. Besides this, Virgin also offers a 200% bonus up to £600.

PokerSavvy – Riva Poker

Riva Poker is one of the rising rooms of iPoker Network, where (having signed up from the link of Savvy) we can obtain 800 Savvy points, that is $80, in return for 1600 Riva points. Their 100% First Deposit Bonus offer is valid up to £400. There is no bonus code.

PokerSavvy – Poker770

The room of Poker770 also backs up the network of iPoker. PokerSavvy offers 800 points, that is $80 in exchange for 1600 Poker770 points. A 100% bonus awaits players here as well, worth $1000 altogether. Bonus code is not required.


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