Pokerstars.FR celebrated its fifth birthday on 2nd July, 2015. Despite the short period of their operation so far, they have managed to recruit scores of people. They are just as professional at organizing games and devising promotions as their main room. If I had only one single sentence to summarize why it is my favorite room, it would sound as follows: “Imagine the best poker bonus in the world at a room where you can find the softest field ever!”

Pokerstars.FR Registration

The greatest is that you can sign up here even if you already have an account at the main room, with the .COM ending. So you can practically make use of the same 100% bonus up to €500 in a similar environment, but against more easily defeatable opponents!

Opening an account at French PokerStars a little bit differs from the procedure of the main room, so you should be particularly attentive. You should enter two important codes for getting your bonus, and it is a good idea to prepare with the copies of your ID (both sides), address card (both sides) and a bank account statement in advance. You can either scan or take photos; either solution is accepted. By the way – you can manage the whole procedure in English, too!

Registration Procedure

  1. Download the software from Pokerstars.FR.
  2. After installation, you need to open an account. In the lobby window, click on the ‘Account’ button and then on the ‘Create Account’ button.
  3. On the registration form, give your player name (ID), choose a password and enter a valid e-mail address.
  4. Finally, in the line ‘Choose a Source: How did you hear about Pokerstars?’ select the ‘Marketing Code (if available)’ option and enter marketing code PSP15730.
  5. Tick the two squares (you agree to get informed about future offers and to be over 18).

Verifying Your Identity

  1. Following the above, you are going to get an email with a confirmation code. In the lobby, click on the menu items ‘Account’ then on ‘Validate Email Address’ and enter the code sent to you in email.
  2. Next, send the copies of your ID, address card and bank account statement (in JPG format, max. 5MB) to the email address.
  3. After Pokerstars.FR have received your documents, they are going to send you a letter (in a discreet envelope) by post containing your Address Verification Code (AVC), which you should use to verify that you really live at the address you have previously given. Enter this code in the lobby, under ‘Account’ -> ’Validate AVC’ within 30 days after receiving the letter.

Deposit Procedure

  1. After verifying your email address and entering your AVC, you are allowed to perform transactions using your account. You can make deposits and withdrawals as well.
  2. For deposits, click on the ‘Cashier’ button then on the ‘Buy Chips’ button in the lobby.
  3. Select ‘Deposit’.
  4. Enter the sum you intend to deposit and the bonus code BONUS500.
  5. Do not forget, for getting your max. €500 bonus, you should deposit max. €500. If you wish, you can even do it on 3 different occasions as long as you stay within 90 days.
    An important remark: the money on your Pokerstars.FR account can only be allocated to the bank account you have previously given to them. Furthermore, as the .FR company pays the necessary taxes in France, you do not have to pay tax after the sums you win here.

Marketing Code = PSP15730, Bonus Code = BONUS500

Why is it Worth Playing at Pokerstars.FR?

The French Stars basically offers the same games including Zoom Poker as the main room, with the .COM ending. The bonus is almost the same as there (instead of max. $600, it is max. $500 here). The only disadvantage of the French room is that it is a bit more complicated to open an account here; however, its far weaker player field perfectly makes up for this little inconvenience. What is more, as a compensation for the longer time you need to wait for your account to be opened, you can take part in freeroll tournaments worth €15 000 altogether. Have you always wanted to release the bonus of Pokerstars twice? The chance is yours now – try out Pokerstars.FR today!

Although you can find almost all of the usual benefits and promotions at Pokerstars.FR, you should expect smaller guaranteed tournament prizes in proportion to the number of players turning up on the site. On the other hand, the less players, the easier it is to get into a paying place. At peak time, however, it is still 50-60 thousand people (forming the fourth biggest real money poker community) who are logged onto the page, so you will surely not be left without fellow players. Whether you are a multi-tabling grinder or a beginner, this place is an ideal choice for you!

Detailed Description of Pokerstars.FR

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The Short History of Pokerstars.FR

Pokerstars has always worked as an independent room, and besides their professionalism, their success is largely due to this very independence. Almost each country of the European Union has regulated online poker in a different way, thus at some places, even Stars has been forced to open local clients, which still do not form one single network (that is, the players of the different rooms cannot ‘see’ each other). So, most French online poker players play at Pokerstars.FR; luckily though, anybody can register here who has a valid bank account in the EU.

The room of Pokerstars.FR has already been working for more than 3 years. During this time, the organizers have professionally stood their ground even under the new circumstances. Pokerstars.FR is the 4th biggest real cash online poker room in the world, where several celebrities and Pokerstars Team Pros play; among others, Bertrand ElkY Grosspelier and Vanessa Rousso. Hopefully, sooner or later, it will be allowed for all the players of the member countries in the EU to play together again – until that, seize the perfect opportunity and make use of the bonus of the French Pokerstars!

Marketing Code = PSP15730, Bonus Code = BONUS500