It is especially worth playing in the room of Poker Time, in the MicroGaming network. Each new player signing up in the poker room can take hold of $5 as free poker money. Besides this, s/he is entitled to the $300 First Deposit Bonus. On top of that, you can gain further benefits within the frames of the promotions called Poker Time Champs and Bankroll Boosta.

Follow the Steps Below

  1. Sign up at Poker Time, and you will receive the free $5.
  2. Pay in $300 and obtain your 100% bonus.

PokerTime Promotions – $10+$40 Free

In return for the sign-up, you immediately get $10 for playing. Having obtained 50 poker points, you automatically receive another $10 sum for free. Moreover, in exchange for further 50 poker points, you are entitled to $10 for the third time as well. After your first deposit, $20 is transferred to your account as a gift. (The minimum deposit is $50.) In brief, for signing up, obtaining 100 points and making one deposit, you have received $50 so far!

PokerTime Promotions – First Deposit Bonus

However, this is nothing compared to what follows, as by making a $300 deposit, you can play for a 100% bonus, which is transferred to your account in $2 instalments. A $1 fee means 3 points, and for a $1 bonus, you need to obtain just 4 points, so the $300 bonus comes with the collection of only 1200 poker points altogether. All this means that in exchange for the $300 bonus, only an $400 rake needs to be generated, which, even in itself, equals a 75% rakeback!

PokerTime Promotions – Bankroll Boosta and Poker Time Champs

1200 points, by the way, mean further $75 in the Bankroll Boosta promotion; while from such an amount of points, you will be entitled to about further $15 a week, altogether $60 in the Poker Time Champs promotion.

All in all, in exchange for 1200 points ($416 rake), you get $305 bonus, which are equivalent to an $103 rakeback altogether.

PokerTime Promotions – 50% Rakeback

For a limited period of time, new players can ask for a 50% rakeback offer; however, in this case, they cannot take part in the special offers of Bankroll Boosta and Poker Time Champs.

PokerTime Promotions – MyPokerLab

If you play in the room of Poker Time, besides taking advantage of promotions, you can take hold of a great poker software, MyPokerLab!