Bankroll Building with Regalos Poker

Regalos Poker also offers extra benefits for testing poker rooms. By playing out the determined rake, you will get a part of the room’s First Deposit Bonus. Besides this, you will also get Regalos Poker Points (RPPs), which can be converted into cash.

Follow the Steps below

  1. Go to Regalos Poker there is no sign-up.
  2. Download the client of one of the poker rooms on the given link, open an account then enter the Regalos Poker bonus code and pay in the indicated minimum sum.
  3. Go back to Regalos Poker, click on the Sign-Up Done button in the upper menu bar and enter your personal details.
  4. Type CirkoB into the Refer a Friend field.
  5. Collect the requested amount of points in the poker room.
  6. Having finished, you can choose your gift by clicking on the Finished button in the upper menu bar of Regalos Poker. The transfer of the gift can take 1-3 days.

Rewards from Regalos Poker

Besides the First Deposit Bonus and other benefits of the rooms, Regalos Poker provides 1000-2200 RPPs for each room. The points can be spent on souvenirs and poker softwares; however, they are best worth converting into cash. The minimum transfer is $25, which is equivalent to 500 RPPs. You can have the money transferred in US dollars to your Moneybookers, Neteller, PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker account.

Regalos Poker Partner Rooms

At the moment, Regalos Poker offers 25 online poker rooms. However, only those ones are worth testing which mean better offers than those of PokerSavvy or which are missing from the choice of PokerSavvy. In the offered 15 rooms, you can take hold of more than $1800 in First Deposit Bonus and other money offers.

Poker Room Network Bonus Code FD+RP$ Points=Rake Rewards
Full Tilt Poker Independent REGALOSPOK $20+$50 500FTP=$50 140%
Smart Live Poker OnGame - $50+$75 1600PP=$160 140%
Hollywood Poker Ongame - $100+$110 800HP=$160 131%
Paddy Power Poker iPoker REG600 $30+$75 1800PP=$90 117%
RedKings Poker Ongame regalopoker $100+$90 1000RKP=$200 95%
Mansion Poker iPoker regalos $30+$75 3000PP=$150 75%
Expekt Poker iPoker EXPwlm1037 $12+$75 2400PP=$120 74%
SportsBookPoker - BONUS1000PK $20+$75 1500FPP=$150 63%
Winner Poker iPoker regalos $30+$75 3000PP=$167 62%
Unibet Poker Microgaming - app. $104+$60 800PP=$400 41%
Lucky Ace Poker 888 REGALOS NA+$75 1500PP=NA NA