Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure 2014 - Live Streaming



2014. 01. 07.

You can watch live video coverage of the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure 2014 via EPTlive, which brings you all the excitement and action direct from the tournament floor.

EPTlive PCA Schedule

Event Dates Start (CET)
PCA Super High Roller, Day 1 January 5 20:30
PCA Super High Roller, Day 2 January 6 18:00
PCA Super High Roller, Final Table (cards up) January 7 20:00
PCA Main Event, Day 1B January 8 20:30
PCA Main Event, Day 2 January 9 18:00
PCA Main Event, Day 3 January 10 18:00
PCA Main Event, Day 4 January 11 18:00
PCA Main Event, Day 5 January 12 18:00
PCA Main Event, Final Table (cards up) January 13 20:00

About PCA

The first PokerStars Caribbean Advanture was launched as part of World Poker Tour in 2004 that took place on a luxury cruise ship visiting Miami, Florida, Jamaica, Mexico and the Cayman Islands. In the next year, PCA was held at the Atlantis Casino in the Bahamas – it was a beginning of an unbelievable success story.

As the festival had became more and more popular among the poker players, the prize pool was growing larger. The 2011 event broke all records, with 1,560 players taking part in the Main Event, creating a total prize pool of $15,132,000. The 10th anniversary of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure was also a huge poker festival with 41 events and with thousands of players taking part – including hundreds of PokerStars qualifiers.

You can claim more information about the online qualifiers at here.


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