Where is it worth starting online poker?

It’s possible that you were born at a happy hour, and your first poker room will be the one you will spend most of your career at. However, most players find the ideal poker room only after a lengthly search. Why? Because the best page means a different thing to everybody. Some are after bonuses and promotions; for some, it is the look of the page what counts above all; and others seek easy opponents. So, take at least 5 minutes and consider whether you surely play at a good place.

The aspects of choosing a poker room – Opponents and game choice

In the case of a really good room, it’s needless to say that there’s always a steady turnover, and the game choice is satisfactory. It primarily means that you can pick different cash game tables, you can apply table selection for Sit and Go tournaments as well, and you have at least 10-15 different types of tournaments you can go in for. It’s completely obvious that the most opponents and games can be found at the site of PokerStars. (By clicking on the link, you can read a brief, but useful review.)

The question is rather whether you are willing to undertake games with more experienced opponents or to put up with the ever silghtly more complicated selection here, and whether you are ready to accept that usually at least a thousand people crowd at the tournaments, which supposes games of minimum 3-4 hours. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t speak against PokerStars; I consider this site as the best room myself. But just think for a minute: if you sit next to weaker opponents, you will leave with a bigger profit.

The whole world of poker is about whether you are able to spot weaker players and win their money. From this point of view, the thing is that I don’t care if Stars offers ten times more poker types when I can sit at the tables of 888 Poker or can enter the super easy tournaments of Titan Poker, where the majority of players are still weak enough so that I can take their chips even using my intermediate skills.

Review of 888 Poker
Review of Titan Poker

The aspects of choosing a poker room – Reliability

This aspect is also of key importance when choosing. Big money laundering attracts tricksters and dubious people; this is something you can’t help. What you can do, however, is that you only register at reliable rooms. Loads of players could tell you about how they lost all of their bankroll because they had tried their fortune at a site of dubious reputation.

In the past few years, the world of online poker was full of scandals. First, it was the revealed superusers of Absolute Poker and UB who outraged players, then the closed-down Full Tilt Poker triggered a great upset. These scandals, however, have come to an end; the majority of the guilty have been sentenced. The team of Poker Bonus Trend exclusively recommends such rooms that we themselves trust maximally. Most of them are market leader service providers listed at stock markets and go through strict quality control. The abovementioned 888 Poker or Party Poker are such stock-exchange-listed companies, for example.

The aspects of choosing a poker room – Bonuses, rewards

I could write about this topic for hours on end, but I’m trying to highlight the most important points right now. If you are a beginner, unexperienced player, you can mitigate your incidental loss by bonuses. Not everybody becomes a winning player immediately; however, due to the rewards provided by the rooms, you can avoid being breakeven during the first few days or weeks.

The most important bonuses are the starter bonuses, which you get after your deposit. They are worth being exploited completely as you can never know how long you will play poker at a given place. If for long, why would you deprive yourself of bonuses? Of course, I understand that there are players who don’t want to risk more than a couple of ten dollars/pounds/euros, but remember if you lose interest in a given place, you can have the money on your account transferred anytime, and you won’t even lose the bonuses you have gained so far. (Some service providers transfer you the money immediately; at some others, you need to wait a few days for the transfer, but that’s a completely normal procedure.)

For experienced players, bonuses rather mean some kind of extra, a double or triple income over their profit from the games. Really good players always play for bonuses (too). It matters if your balance is extra 500 or 1,000 dollars, doesn’t it? Besides starter bonuses, you can take part in an incredible amount of special offers and promotions; I’ve also written a separate article on these. It’s an extremely important topic since thousands, tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand extra dollars can come from these.

The aspects of choosing a poker room – Software, outlook, playability, mobile

Fortunately, in 2015, there is no poker client with fundamental problems. However, there are still remarkable differences among service providers. How fast can you open an account with them? How fast are deposits and withrawals handled? Do they have a deck with four colours? Are their avatars cool? Can you download a picture?

Outlook doesn’t matter for a lot of people in the beginning, but if you grind somewhere for 6-8 hours a day, it will immediately count whether you can switch off the chat or can set a neutral background, or if tournament breaks are synchronized or not.

The last important question is on how many platforms a particular room offers poker. Most players exclusively play from home on their desktops or laptops; however, there are also a lot of players who spend their waiting time playing poker at the doctor’s surgery or during a journey. That’s why it’s an essential question whether there is a client for tablets or other mobile devices besides the gaming mode without downloading. Mobile poker is getting more and more widespread. It’s worth giving it a try.

Anyway, considering the aspects outlined above, I’m sure you will manage to make a decision you will be satisfied with in the long run. Good luck!

I’ve listed the best rooms together with the most important information in the chart below. For registration and getting the extra gifts, just click on the link of the given room; for further information, click on the descriptions.