Pokerstars.FR First Deposit Bonus

If you have already had the chance to play at the main room of Stars, you will know what awaits you here, in the French room, and on what terms you can obtain your bonus. Of course, there are some differences, so I am going into details in the following. In another article, I have already elaborated on the account opening procedure; therefore, now, I only want to call attention to the codes you will need. At PokerStars.FR sign-up, enter PSP15730; while at your first deposit, use BONUS500.

This 100% bonus is unique in a way that you can take advantage of it by making even 3 different qualifying deposits in 90 days. You have 180 days after each qualifying deposit to earn the bonus by playing on the site and collecting VPPs. The maximum sum of the bonus is €500. If you happen to miss the deadline, you can, of course, keep the sum you have obtained so far.

The €1 fee paid at tournaments and at SNG games is worth 6.5 VPPs. At the cash game tables, in exchange for €1 rake, you get 6 VPPs. The bonus is allocated to your account in €5 increments; you need to collect 100 VPPs for each increment. So, to release the complete bonus, you need to gather 10 000 VPPs. Fortunately, there are less experienced poker grinders here, thus it is going to be far easier to earn the necessary points here than at the main room, with the .COM ending.

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Examples for the Bonus at Pokerstars.FR

Just as at the ‘parent room’, you also have the opportunity to release your 100% bonus by 3 different deposits here. Suppose you pay in €100 for the first time on 31st July. Then you have 180 days for earning the first part of the bonus (that is, until 28th January). You pay the next two parts worth €200 each on 31st August and 29th October, thus paying attention to stay within the 90 days with the deposits. To earn the second part of the bonus, you again have 180 days (you need to comply with the conditions until 28th February, 2013), while the deadline for earning the bonus coming with your last deposit expires on 29th April, 2013.

Of course, you can decide to pay €500 straight away, in one sum. Then you have 180 days for releasing the whole €500 bonus. Accordingly, if you pay the total sum in on 31st July, you have time to collect all the required VPPs until 28th January, 2013. It is quite obvious: if you opt for making deposits on 3 different occasions, you will have more time to meet the conditions. The above option is mainly suitable for those playing on micro or low limits.

I recommend you to make a minimum €100 deposit, thus you can easily observe the rules of bankroll management until NL10 or the €5 SNG tournaments.

Linking the Pokerstars.FR Bonus with Other Promotions

Of course, besides the first deposit bonus, you can also take part in many other promotions. For some of them, you need to sign up separately; for example, you need to find and enter for the freeroll tournaments by yourself in the lobby. In other promotions, such as the French version of the Battle of Planets (’Bataille des Planètes’), you take part automatically.

If you are interested in what other kinds of regular (and profitable) promotions you can participate in, read the articles about the promotions of Pokerstars.FR or about the pokerstars.FR VIP Club.
Do not forget to use the 2 codes. At PokerStars.FR sign-up, enter the marketing code PSP15730, and when making a deposit, use the bonus code BONUS500.