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Bankroll Management - What is it?

As poker is played for money, it is prominently important to be aware of our financial limits. We can pay dearly for playing poker if we do not observe a few basic rules, which are even followed by players of the highest stakes.

Investment and Poker Bankroll

The best is to consider playing poker as an investment of huge risks, where at the beginning, the chance for losing is bigger than that of winning. We should separate a sum of money for playing; a sum the losing of which does not cause any trouble in our budget. This is going to be our poker bankroll, which needs to be handled very accurately, since our aim is to profit from our investment.

What is Bankroll Banagement Good for?

The poker bankroll management determines how much bankroll we minimally need at particular limits to stay in the comfort zone. It determines when we can step up a level during our poker career, and it also helps us survive downswings, when we need to step back a level not to lose our poker bankroll and to be able to continue playing.

The Aim of Poker

Should we be either hobby players or players preparing for a professional poker career, for productive playing, we must find our lower and upper limits; namely, the method by the help of which we can maximize our profit and minimize our loss. The most reliable basis presented for this is poker bankroll management. If we do not feel ourselves comfortable at the given limit, we should step back and choose a cheaper tournament or a cash game with a smaller limit. If our bankroll would allow us to go for higher stakes, but we still act the hero on a micro limit, it is likely that we lack the right amount of self-confidence. In this case, self-training is strongly advisable, since in poker, playing for the appropriate value is also very important.

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