Free $50 from PokerStrategy

PokerStrategy with its 4 million registered members is the largest poker community site of the world right now. So far, more than 1 million players have received a free starting capital worth $50 on their page. At present, this poker bankroll can be transferred to 21 online poker rooms on one occassion (between certain times, we can get another free $50 sum to another poker room). The page is accessible in about 18 languages; an international team of 500 members guarantees that players get the best service at all times. It is a perfect choice for beginner players!

Receiving the Free $50 – Follow the Steps below

The free starting capital can be yours – if you are over 18.

  1. Register at PokerStrategy through the given link.
  2. Specify the necessary details during registration and type in the confirmation code which has been sent to the e-mail address provided by you.
  3. Decide on the type of game you are interested in (No Limit, Fix Limit, Sit and Go).
  4. Fill in a 20-item poker quiz.
  5. Install the chosen poker room from the given link.
  6. Register here as well and type in the bonus code given by PokerStrategy.
  7. Return to PokerStrategy and type in the username you have chosen in the poker room.
  8. Complete your personal details. The details given at PokerStrategy and at the poker room need to be the same.
  9. PokerStrategy is going to send you a letter to verify your identity. Take a colour picture of your identity card, another one of your address verification card and a third one, in which you are holding your identity card to your head in a way that your face can be recognized. Upload all the three pictures to the given link.
  10. Within 4-5 days after your identity has been verified, your starting capital is going to arrive at the chosen room. You can start playing from then on!

PokerStrategy Quiz

To complete the quiz successfully for the first time, read the tutorial for beginners if it is necessary. The test can be taken six times all together, each with an allotted time of 120 minutes. If you happen to forget something, you can refer to the tutorial. The selected topic of the quiz does not affect what variety of poker you can play later in the chosen room!

Receiving the Free $50 – Conditions

If you have followed the instructions given by PokerStrategy accurately, and you have also passed identity verification, your starting capital is going to arrive to the chosen room within 4-5 days. You cannot withdraw this money for the time being, but you can use it for playing. Of course, not everyone becomes a master of poker, but the basics can be acquired on the basis of the provided tutorial. At poker, one of the most important thing is practice, and it is the very thing your $50 is most suitable for. Do not expect big winnings in the beginning; try to be a break-even player instead.

The Protection of the Bankroll

PokerStrategy has also taken care that everybody should really treat their $50 bankroll in accordance with the tutorial. Your account may comes with an automatic bankroll protection, which means that for a particular time, you can only play on a certain limit. These limits are the following: Fix Limit Texas Holdem – $0,10/$0,20; No Limit Holdem – $0,05/$0,10; Sit and Go (mini tournaments) – $1 entry-fee (without rake or fee).

The Release of the Free $50

Once you have generated the $50, it is immediately yours. For beginners, it can even take a few weeks, but if you are hard-working enough, you can meet the conditions even within a few days. In certain rooms, you will need 30 active games per day, which can rather be a condition for the release of the second starting capital. (No kidding, between certain times, PokerStrategy offers another starting capital to another room!) After all this, you can have your $50 transferred, or you can use it for further play, but you can also decide to receive the generally 100% bonus coming with the first deposit. Naturally, you can also do different things with your gained starting capital, but we are elaborating on this in another article.

Other Advantages on PokerStrategy

To be able to play out your $50 starting capital, you need to study or at least acquire the basics. Poker is not gambling, but a mental sport played for money. On PokerStrategy, you can find plenty of articles, studies and training videos, which are available for everybody. They are very useful just like the privately developed utility softwares, which, however, can only be downloaded after earning a certain amount of points. Practice and regular visits to the forum are also advisable.

Why Is It Good for Them?

The question might rise in more why anyone would give complete strangers money for poker. The answer is quite simple: using the received $50, the players generate rake, from which PokerStrategy also takes its share. Everyone profits from the system. The poker room because it will show up an increased turnover, PokerStrategy because it will make a higher income, and the players because they can try out poker for free.

Next Steps

If you have managed to play out the free money offered to you by PokerStrategy, it is worth going on with the offers of sponsor pages giving you an extra reward for testing poker rooms because you can multiply this sum during a short period of time, and you can even gain $4000 in a few months! Click on the Bankroll Building menu item for further information.