Poker Table Ratings

PokerTableRatings is a useful database for cash players: you can search for your own and others’ CG results. However, the page is not only a simple player finder; you can get advice on how to improve your play; you can buy hand history packages, and at premium level, you can even have access to extra applications and extended basic services. The offered 10 free searches a day can be invaluable for beginner players while a subscription can primarily be profitable for regular players. You can receive data from the following rooms and networks: PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker, Absolute Poker (Cereus), iPoker, Cake Poker and Bodog.

PokerTableRatings – Basic Package

Even the offered free tools are impressive. After a quick sign-up, by entering your nickname belonging to the room in question, you can get detailed information about your play. Under the Overview menu item, your profit, the number of played hands, the paid rake and the possible rakeback, the BB/100 (this is the indicator on the basis of which we can calculate a cash player’s profit for 100 hands) are displayed. A Tilt and a Hot or Not indicator are also shown. Finally, a Bot measurer is indicated, too; it tells you fairly accurately to what extent your (or others’) play resembles that of a Bot Programme.

Your profit is presented on a simple graph, where you can keep track of your most successful and worst days, the depths and peaks of your career and those significant milestones when, for example, you have reached 10 thousand hands. Another graph rates profit on the basis of game types, which can be of great help when it comes to choosing a game. A third graph indicates profit/loss on the basis of played hands and shows how much rakeback you can expect in the long run. On the basis of limits and game types, you can have access to a further rating, where the most important indicators (number of hands, profit, BB/100, rakeback and the last time of play) get displayed.

Under the Analysis menu item, another type of diagnostics is available, which concerns playing style for the most part: it shows to what extent you are a tight-loose or passive-aggressive player during particular rounds of betting. All this is indicated in comparison with the average player base, showing percental differences, too.

The Hands option breaks down your profit into particular hands; namely, it presents what cards have helped you earn the most, and which combinations have caused the most loss. Particular game sessions also have their statistics at Sessions, where we can break down data from the given game session through players to particular hands. Namely, it becomes transparent quite easily which cards are worth playing with and which ones tend to be problematic against particular players. All this is even represented in a diagram at Opponents, where, focusing mainly on the players this time, you can find out about the ones acting as ATMs or the ones regarding you as an ATM.

Lastly, by clicking to the Grader menu, you can see what ratings PokerTableRatings has distributed to particular parts of your play; also, a short affirmation or some advice is added on what you should change in order to become more successful.

PokerTableRatings – Hand History

The hand history is the essence of each poker carer: it contains everything you have done at online poker tables during particular rounds. It becomes significant when you use HUDs as the data on the basis of which you can judge the style of another player or find out the necessary step in a particular hand are displayed according to the settings of your preferred HUD. Of course, it works vice versa as well: your HUD user opponents often call or re-raise on you at the river on the basis of the statistics gathered about you or on the basis of the HUD settings. The formula is simple: the more data you have about your opponents, the more relevant each indicator is.

PokerTableRatings collects approximately 18 million hands (!) daily, which are all compatible with Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker and Poker Office as well. During purchase, you can select the room, the game type (cash Texas Holdem and Omaha and Texas Holdem SNG), the bet type, the limit/buy-in and the table size you would like hands from. The price of packages, providing access to 200 thousand-10 million hands, ranges from $10 to $250 (the bigger package you buy, the more discounts you are entitled to).

PokerTableRatings – PTR Premium

The premium membership comes with the following extras: Hand Re-player, Table Finder (it tells you whether it is worth playing with a particular opponent at a particular table or not), further content analysis opportunities concerning position, betting habits, etc. and Webhud (the real-time display of key data). You can choose from three different kinds of memberships: the first one is a $10 membership, which contains 200 searches without time limit. The second is called silver membership. It costs $13 a month, and it provides 1000 searches monthly. The third is the gold membership; it costs $32.5 and provides 5 thousand searches.

PokerTableRatings – Other Facilities

In the Forum and the Blog, you can put up questions or share your success with the public. If you want to claim rakeback or take part in some kind of loyalty programme, under the Site Rake Analysis menu item (in the Tools main menu), you can even inform about how much refund you can expect after every 100 hands at specific places, with specific games and at specific limits. You are being a fool if you do not play poker by using PokerTableRatings!